Meet Jorey Danos and his family in Chackbay, Louisiana. After working to spread dispersants over the 2010 BP oil spill, Danos fell ill with a host of physical and emotional symptoms, ranging from boils on his back and neck, to constant paranoia and irritability. 

Environmentalists are calling on BP to address an apparent contradiction between its public assertions that chemicals used to cleanup up 2010’s Gulf oil spill were safe and internal documents that could suggest otherwise.

The Government Accountability Project and the Louisiana Action Network claim they have obtained a manual from the cleanup’s Vessel of Opportunity program. The document, they say, contradicts safety assurances offered by both BP and Nalco Energy Services, the company that made the Corexit dispersant used in the spill cleanup.

When the divers developed their strange symptoms in the fall of 2010, they had their blood tested, and analysis showed high levels of ethyl benzene and xylene. Danos said his blood test revealed high levels of benzene as well.

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